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    October 28, 2013
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recommend picking one up. hope you made money today. how they keep to a successful marriage is a banking account here comes "the willis report". gerri: hello. i am jerry willis. welcome to a special edition of the willis report on obamacare. all questions come from you so many worried and concerned how obamacare will change your health care. we're dedicating another special night to answer your question to talk about your concerns. we cannot rely on the government to give you information but officials have caused more confusion so we are stepping in with a
panel of experts. this is your chance to be heard. send e-mail i'll also give you the opportunity to call in with your questions 877-249-9626. 877-249-9626. especially on a serious access radio channel 131 to hear from you. let's get started with us now former policy adviser for the center of medicaid medicare services and a policy analyst at the heritage foundation and a senior fellow at the manhattan institute. i have been asked i will start with a question in the hallways in e-mail and twitter, what is the real deadline? last week they talked about
the deadline for enrolling. >> the real deadline is february 15th to have coverage by march 31st to have that you really need to have coverage in place on march 1st and to have coverage march 1st you have coverage two weeks prior rinaldi said they will be interpret the law to say as long as you have coverage by march 31st you will be okay we're not sure how that will rollout. gerri: paul? what the white house said it is march 31st is the final deadline but the losses jimmy refers to -- january january 1st. >> if you want coverage to begin on june refers to have to sign up before the open enrollment period ends march
march 31st so they signal as long as you have started the process before april april 1st we will count you as having coverage. gerri: it is clear as mud and the date is as soft as a baby's but. if obamacare does not work by jay refers to the insurance companies continue my insurance i have? we have had a lot of glitches over the weekend. >> that is a very open question. one analysis of the past couple weeks is 60 million people with the individual market who buy their own insurance will get a cancellation notices or are getting them now. is the web site doesn't work you cannot buy alternative forms what will they do? we don't have clear answers at this point.
gerri: we have denis on the line. caller: i am an insurance agent to north carolina i have been in business since the 89. gerri: node addresses the question what happens with my business i have built up if they raise the rates of mynot to enroll new people. what happens to the insurance agents now they take it away from us. gerri: this is a tough situation for people to rely on this industry with insurance agents what will happen to them? >> tough field is tilted against n.j. -- agents they felt they took the money away from the patient care and tried to freeze them out some states allow them to enroll people into the exchange's but long term this will pressure the whole market. gerri: let's go to twitter.
responding to the glitches earlier. if there is a major design flaws no amount to a surge will fix it requires a redesign spirit that's right we have heard this is a massive problem data went down over the weekend and cms all pointing bankers was is not something you can search people into the half to go flying by allied code they may have to take it down to roll out again. gerri:. [laughter] these problems are so massive that the whole system house to come down. >> ironically cms is the press is asking who is exactly in the search? the administration will not give the answers like trying to ask who is responsible for another wants to take credit.
gerri: we have a e-mail from south carolina are there guarantees that prevent future increases in premiums or copays soared decreases of coverage or a lifetime cap? >> no. there is a risk adjustment through 2018 that will blunt the effect of not fully offset. we will see premium and kashering go up substantially because we think will happen is the risk pool will cost more money so they will have to adjust premiums. there also have to skinny down the plan to cut benefits to keep the value benefit consistent over time gerri: do you agree? >> fewer hospitals, if you
were physicians, a titan access to keep their premiums down. gerri: skinny down? that sounds bad. we have more questions coming up plus don't forget to call in with your questions for our expert panel will stick around. stay with us. @@ [ male announcer ] did you know
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gerri: into night is a special edition reid take your obamacare questions call us toll-free 877-249-9626. the panel is back to answer the question and paul howard we will start with the tweets in that cave in a couple days ago in regard to the cancellation of insurance policies 300,000 people canceled in florida. >> is this horse too far out of the barn to recent cancellation notices? his coverage is cancelled is there any way back? >> the barn is burning it is
a logger creditable coverage you can be penalized it is eligible for subsidies so they canceled coverage. gerri: you cannot go back even if they delay the mandate? >> congress has to say this counts but that would totally change the premiums of the risk pool that insurers had made 2014. >> the only way around if you are willing to buy the coverage that doesn't conform and paid the penalty to have the nonconforming coverage it will be that high this year's white suspect people do that. gerri: paid for the coverage than the penalty? cbs is reporting a florida woman insurance was canceled and now her new plan is 10 times more. the current plan with 64 bucks a month now $591.
somebody is paying 10 times more they are frustrated and apparently they cannot go back. >> no. this is the problem is the mandates and the requirements that require somebody like me to have maternity coverage who is six years old to have in vitro hall also richer levels of benefits they and people currently by on the private marketplace that is why premiums are going up in coverage is cancelled under the law. >> as the cause has not gone up then care benefits have been caught the you have not recognized that. gerri: jim what is your question? caller: my wife is under 65
years of age and i retired from at&t last year my coverage the cost went up $150 and i was notified friday my coverage will cost an additional $130 so now has gone up $281. gerri: you are retired? caller: on a fixed in, i just don't understand. i assume they have to cover more people? i am not sure. >> there is a lot of reasons the cost has gone up but this is the one time repricing of health insurance to accommodate what they have to cover so lot of people will buy
insurance policies that cover things that are not important to them. see you will see very significant inflation with health insurance to accommodate that new stuff. >> the other point is he may be lucky because a lot of companies take the opportunity to dump the retirees we saw ups stop being spousal coverage figure included a bin the exchange and not even have health care at $281 more per month. gerri: a question on twitter how do they pay for the people who sign up if not enough money comes? that's the idea to lose sight of 7 million people. what happens if we don't get that number? >> it is the risk pool the task pate -- the taxpayer will pay no matter what.
insurers will lose money they don't get that if they don't get the healthy people to offset the cost then premiums will rise the second year which makes it less attractive to sign up. >> how can a website website, $634 million to build? with the new estimates now out $1 billion. that is a great question how could possibly cost this much? >> if they don't take in what other agencies were spending. it is hard to understand but departed the issue is they did not start early enough if then when they got too late into the process 12 months ago they were too far behind to catch up. >> and nobody had the courage to stand up to the white house it was crashing
in september so why didn't somebody say we have to delay? >> nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news if the mandate is delayed six weeks does that mean current insurance company has to cover you an additional six weeks longer? >> probably not. in theory the mandate could be delayed six weeks but of the exchanges our up and running in time to buy coverage you could continue coverage but to buy that in time she refers to have to sign by december 15 that is only six weeks away. with no of the exchanges will work because some people save months or years to fix. gerri: because of obamacare my son's health insurance will be cancelled as of january 1st.
assuming obamacare is delayed will he have the opportunity to be reinstated and tell if it is working as intended? >> if it is cancelled it is gone the president promised if you like it and you can keep it is clearly false. gerri: that has been a big debate finally the administration says today many of you can keep the coverage. does that surprise you? >> it will probably be millions of people that see their policies canceled it will be a lot of those people that see the policy's canceled. you cannot get those back you go back into the individual market to buy a new policy chances are you'll buy a policy with far fewer benefits especially lower-cost you better believe they've managed to
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gerri: welcome back to our "users guide to obamacare" and give us a phone call. 877-249-9626. back again with the answers
great to have our panel here. james in connecticut has a question if he can change his obamacare policy. caller: can i change plans every year depending upon my health? gerri: that is a great question can he change multiple times every year? gimmicky can change during the open enrollment period in connecticut has one of the better websites connecticut and maryland have one of the best at least you can go on and pick up plan based on the doctor to see which one that your doctor is a part of. only two states have the functionality. gerri: a question about doctors and accepting obamacare coverage. caller: they force obamacare on the taxpayers but is it true doctors also don't have
to accept it? in my next question is we have three branches of government the legislative to makes the laws and the executive should in four said the obama changes its so the supreme court did nothing when he changed it and gave special treatment. i would think he violated the law. gerri: chris and? there was a delay of the enrollment for companies but not individuals? >> he is absolutely right. the employer mandate was delayed unilaterally we had waivers for the unions and the supreme court upheld the mandate as a tax but president obama went in front of the entire nation to say the mandate was not a
tax increase so we have unilateral reinterpreting of the lock over the last three and a half years. gerri: one more caller from new york about the single payer system. caller: to do you think the obamacare concept and kellogg was designed to create a single payer system to a implode? gerr ttsreat estn. >> ion'thin he ishat vio. aughr] iann beeve the american people after having watched this trade racal vote to give more control to the federal government. gerri: but it is interesting >> i think they have the assumption most of the house plan would move into the
exchange but now basie health insurance will try to stay out to offer plans outside pool is the opposite of what they anticipated. this has been so miserable. gerri: is it possible that insurers' move out of the system? >> i agree. they're all sorts of problems you could end up with only sick people the sequester could cut insurers' to the tune of billions of dollars are they could pay for the sequester cuts out of their own pockets you could have a situation where harry reid said a few months ago that obamacare would bring about a single payer. what common debt being left with? we need the government to take over at night is only
in eight states so the private insurance has not embraces even with the browbeating but since you're number one is difficult this will hit in your number to. >> looking at the exchange's those medicaid type networks also employers turning to private exchanges to give employees more choice you can see america shifting into the two or three tier system. gerri: everybody else has to scramble will obamacare level the playing field to offer the same coverage state to state? dr. scott? >> prices to vary some have more plans competing like california you do see lower prices but in a lot of states you only see one plan
compete so in north carolina there is only one insurer. so those were you don't see competition with big demographic trends did not get in the prices are quite high. gerri: or phone-number is 877-249-9626. we will be here live also with the 9:00 hour so stay with us to get your questions answered. up the next the question and answer session continues with the look at this mess from a doctor's prospective. stay with us. [ tires screech ]
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gerri: and a special edition
of the willis report we're taking questions about obamacare. the panel of experts answering your health care questions facebook, a twitter comment 877-249-9626. joining me now orthopedic surgeon and a surgeon and adjunct scholar at the cato institute. started with a call from north carolina. caller: my question is around privacy and security i am worried about the death hit the policy and who has access along with what it does to the doctors working
for the government versus working for us. gerri: what about privacy concerns? image you are right to be concerned that data is actually usable by any other government agency is says when you log on there is an area bikeway new download the itunes they have the right to share that information with other agencies for unlawful purposes. you are right to be concerned this data will be looked at this on purpose or inadvertently. >> we heard testimony last week that some of the 80 companies the employees have access it is very disturbing weather hip but even pays attention.
>> this is an important story can you tell me about the medicare advantage plan reportedly hiring doctors in florida and connecticut and rhode island? what do you say? this is just coming up now people are starting to hear their doctor can no longer serves them. >> what we have heard doctors are being dropped from the plans and they ask why? united health care and others have not given a clear answer but if you look at it as a specialist or smaller practices who may have higher cost in addition a lot of these could be negotiating contracts with groups of doctors have preferred pricing and if your doctor is in the group and they don't agree to that preferred pricing you may not be able to see your doctor. ucla is not a preferred
provider in california and that is a sad state of affairs because these are wonderful state-of-the-art medical centers. gerri: i guess you cannot keep your doctor. >> i thought i heard somebody say hospitals would require obamacare insurance pay deductibles up front before getting treatment? is this true? >> i was shocked to hear this. >> i am as well i don't believe they can and but i think he will have to pay your deductible but they cannot withhold care if you cannot do that. i am not sure that is not true. >> for the last couple of years many hospitals have gone to asking people to pay the deductible indians for elective non-emergency surgery because they have
had a record of not people paying their portion so that is a common practice it is not required under obamacare but more hospitals are doing that to be paid in full. >> that is true. but they cannot withhold care so then they may ask you get your surgery in another facility so you still get your care it just isn't where you want it. gerri: let's get back to phone calls. caller: when you have a an individual policy if you don't pay their premiums you are terminated what about with obamacare when they don't pay the premiums with the extenuating circumstance they cannot pay the bills?
where are they in the system now? tried to find coverage? >> that is a good question and i don't think we have a clear idea is i know when you enroll if you don't pay the premium ultimately you will be dropped and also be fined for not having individual mandated coverage but that does account for people who cannot pay their premiums but i think you would have to reapply how in the world can we do that in the efficient way? we cannot even sign that people in the first instance gerri: so many questions not a hazard. the phone number is
877-249-9626. 877-249-9626. give us a call we have doctors and experts waiting to answer your questions and comments the doctors will be back in about 10 minutes will answer more questions of what really qualifies as in tom. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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gerri: taxes are a big part of obamacare. joining me now the managing director welcome back is great to have you as we were talking the irs says the cop on the beat if you don't get obamacare or pay the penalty
duties sees your property or big decal or put you in jail ? >> that is a great question is so many people are worried about the penalty in the repercussions for the irs but there is not a lot of the enforcement ability they cannot file the nor levy asset you cannot be prosecuted criminally. you're not a felon the only recourse is to reduce your refund if you even have one on your tax return. gerri: only limited to things if you decide you will not play sam beckett you were to force each job is deducted by one parent how do you count the subsidy or if the child lives with you? it gets very complicated quickly. >> it does there are so many different terminology they
use that makes things confusing between the adjusted gross income income, dependence but with respect to this issue when you apply for a subsidy you have to predator family size. the one child would be part of the family size that then accounts for whenever subsidy that person will get. if he apply for a subsidy a dependent cannot be claimed by somebody else and she on the claims one dependent based on data boart blood dash a divorce it is a family of two even though the other child lives with of over 50 percent of the time. gerri: that is complicated. can hsh be taxed and at what rate? those are very popular they love these. >> they are very popular because of the reduced deductible is a high
deductible plan the affordable care act is i don't see any special taxation they are valid the pretax dollars actually reduce your adjusted gross income which is a calculation to potentially getting a subsidy views the monday you can roll it over so it is not lost and it is not taxed. gerri: we talk about what will the world treelike we don't talk about the taxpayers who are paying for it. >> all the other people talk about the whole intent of the program to have the young people join in on but older people will have the potential to get larger subsidies because of the way the insurance is put together the cost of care is greater for older didn't enter but what if we don't
have the right to measure or mix so then the burden becomes on the taxpayer for about the biggest cause that i foresee is the future uncertainty for everybody. gerri: diverted could become heavier. good to have you on the show. thank you. call us. 877-249-9626. dr. scott will be back to help us wrapped up before the next show at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. then other doctors will talk about quality of care how good will it be? stay with us. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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gerri: breaking news the white house is just confirming making public moments ago a sect -- a6 weeks extension until march 31st to comply with the individual mandate. the white house duse's six week extension until march 31st for compliance with the individual mandate. how big of a difference will that make? we have the cardiologists and a surgeon with us now does that make a big difference? >> i don't think so but i am confused because does that mean that six weeks beyond march 31st? originally they said you had to have insurance by march march 31st so that means apply by february 15th. gerri: it is the new deadline.
>> so insurance has to be effective for april? i don't think that makes much of a difference but to recognize the reality that this system isn't working butti have a hard time believing it will get it up and running i think it is between six months and one year. gerri: we don't know the answers to the itc i but the white house says there will be a six week extension through march 31st is the new deadline. interesting stuff breaking let's take a call from alabama. caller: i was wondering about the impact of obamacare often try care or the v.a. health care specifically the veterans covered by the tried care pride or based on
100 percent disability? to the silly to go to the web site? >> i think it'd said it confusing i read about military feelings today but they say it should not affect much of what you need to do he will be covered and will continue to meet the requirements of the affordable care act. then it says there could be required changes or out of pocket expenses i think it is a black box i don't think anybody knows exactly what they will do just like you have seen from the very beginning no one knows. gerri: is certainly most federal programs. let's go to chris is in texas.
caller: i wonder how will affect the us senior citizens with the doctors? we will lose doctors they already don't take medicare or medicaid. how does this affect us down the road? gerri: great question. i hear this question every day. they are deeply worried that doctors will drop out. >> absolutely this is a concern. visited is another reason for individual physicians to opt out of government related programs. but the cross blue shield is participating in the exchange's any provider within that plan the stations will have access.
as you move away from medicare and think about the exchange's you can see the options that are available if he is in the planned. gerri: why do i have to go to another insurer to keep my doctor? what do you say? >> i think one of the major problems it is a bait-and-switch. we were told to don counterchanged insurance are doctors. it is of the truth. we will have to class's of americans based on health care. the very wealthy to pay out of pocket for cause years reticent than everyone else will be locked into obamacare because it is all that is left. rather than bringing americans together in one class to narrow the gap obamacare will actually widen the gap.
gerri: we don't have all the answers but clearly a lot of issues remain. if you just joined us the white house just announced the six week extension six weeks through march 31st. thank you doctors. we will be right back toat o wrap up. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. they're the days to take care of business.. when possibilities become reality.
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officially if there will be a six weakest -- extension of the individual mandate. we had a lane the deadline for enrollment to march 31st. last week the white house tweeted this. they said, study first has always been the deadline. so what is it? is this part of the miscommunication with the white house right now? >> a little sleight of hand. the law says you have to have coverage in place by march 301st in order to avoid the tax penalty, but to have coverage in place on march 301st you really have to enroll on february 15th because it takes two weeks to get coverage in place and insurers to coverage months and months. to be injured on march 31st half to be insured on march march 1st. now what they're saying is you don't need to buy coverage until march 31st. that means that coverage would not be effective until may 1st i am not sure how they're doing is. the law is pretty clear and i am not sure anyone will johnson. gerri: welcome it mystifies me
how the federal government and by that what i really mean is the white house, the administration can move the deadline. they are soft as a baby's butt. they can be moved arraigned in the way the white house wants. don't have to get approval from congress as somebody? >> well, there is an exemption in the law, a hardship exemption which basically says if people cannot get the coverage, the white house has the ability a move that extension on when they have to have the coverage in place in order to avoid the penalty. i don't know if they have invoked that, but if they have not i am not sure how they have the authority to do this. you get to this section in the statute. the plain language is pretty clear. gerri: i know a lot of people out there tonight asking questions about what is the real deadline. great confusion. why has it been so hard for the administration and health and human services in particular to really communicate the details of this plan, what we are required to do otherwise we will be penalized by the irs for.
>> they seem confused about their own deadline. they have dr. out this a lot, and i don't think they seem to realize that the real deadline was february 15th. in order to have the coverage in place on march 31st you had to have the coverage in place on march 1st, which means you had to enroll two weeks prior. i am sure they recognize that, because when they were talking about this they seem confused. i think they actually, frankly, realizes the in the process. gerri: it does not give me a lot of confidence. i have to tell you. unbelievable. the lack of knowledge that hhs and the administration has not only on health care, but i'd see. finding the depths of those problems right now. thank you for helping us out tonight. i look toward to seeing you again at 9:00. thank you so much. that is it for tonight on "the willis report." she did not get your question answer need to hear more about this ever confusing off all we will be back in just two short hours at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. pacific to take more of your questions.
until then, have a good night, and we will see you, well, about 9:00. ♪ lou: today is historically important for president obama. his administration today appeared to accept responsibility for a mistake. white house press secretary jay carney today admitted obamacare will cause some americans to lose their current health care insurance. much more to come. i am lou dobbs. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the obama administration finally admitting that the president was wrong to claim that americans could keep their health care insurance if they so as to define obamacare. there admission comes as the white house is faced with